Heart of Spirituality

NOW is the time to live and learn BEYOND spiritual and religoius dogma -- and HERE is the place to do it.

Our faith -- what we
believe and expect -- is
the blueprint of our destiny,
life, and love. Read on to learn
the method of conscious
creation through faith.

As you know, the
junk that people pursue
in the name of "freedom" is
usually more bondage: isolation, whim, addiction, you name it.
So now let's get real
-- real freedom...
Apart from God,
we're not truly ourselves.
We naturally live in loving
intimacy with God, but we've
forgotten our naturalness.
To get back to your Love
of God, read on...
When we rightly under-
stand our selves, we can
live as ourselves -- and that
is marvelous to behold. If you
wish to know yourself better,
step right this way...
Love is the Pearl of
Great Price: the great-
est treasure in the world,
and the most Godly state of con-
sciousness. Here's help for truly living in and as love...

Truth is deeper
-- and more true -- than
factual knowledge or cosmic
concepts. It is always recognized
as true and relevant by the heart.
This area will strengthen you in
the truth you know.

Integrity is everything
in life. You rise and fall
according to how faithfully
you obey your own heart --
which is one with all hearts,
including God's.

We can use our
power to move forward in
life or to bury ourselves in mud.
To learn more about your power,
and how to rightly use it,
read on...

Relationship is
God's Way to live and
learn. Would you like to enter
the heart of a spiritual life
that's truly Divine?
Step this way...
Our hearts yearn to
do what's right, to be right,
to relate rightly to God and all.
This area will help you align
with the rightness
you yearn for.
What is right action?
It's much more than a set
of rules. To learn the real
answer, and how to implement
it in life, start here...

Want to know the
best way to produce the
biggest, most lasting positive
effect in life? Align your will to
the will of God and the needs
of your human associates!
Here's how...


Come strengthen your
soul knowing. It will help
you live in confident alignment
with your own heart, the heart
of others, and the heart of God.

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A simple love-based meditation -- effective enough to change the world.

Unbiased and straightforward help for those experiencing a crisis of faith.

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