Because all that God created is good, and because God is good, there is a cause for faith. God, and the goodness God created, justifies faith. Faith is the highest form of Realism.

There is a hallelujah because the highest is. There is a movement of love, and a beloved toward which it moves. There is an aspiration in the heart, a flame of positive expectation, because aspiration is fulfilled. The candle of hope burns, because there is reason for hope.

The candle, the flame -- both are God. In this sense, then, God is the source and the destination of our faith.

God is, indeed, the source and center of faith, and the goal of faith. God is the source of faith in that God exists to have faith in. God is the center of faith because it is the God-consciousness within us that has the perceptive soul capacity of faith. The God within us worships the God that is. God has every bit of faith in God and as God, in us. If it were not for our own Godliness, true faith would be impossible.

Such is the connection between God and Faith.