God is wild and crazy. You don't think so? Are you crazy? Look at men. Look at women! Still not convinced? Look at nature. It's off the hook -- and God made it all.

Obviously, God's not subject to self-suppression and personal hang-ups -- God is free. And God within us would move us to be free: free from the shackles of deluded, ego-driven mind. To be a person of low self-esteem, out of touch with one's own Divinity, is to be very suppressed, inhibited, small. To be in touch with one's own Divine nature, and to be in touch with God's Divine nature through the still small voice and its promptings, urgings, and whims, is to be free -- if you go with it. So, off the hook with you!

Following God's promptings will lead us into realms of increasing freedom. Obedience to God provides a way for us to break free of our usual habits, limitations, and patterns. It is freedom to do as God pleases, instead of clinging to our personal inhibitions, fears, and selfish desires. And what's true is: when you please God, you please yourself.

Such is the connection between God and Freedom.