God is the supreme Power of the Universe -- and when you follow God's direction, the Force is with you.

If you are on a mission from God, or doing something truly great, God will give you the energy and stamina to do it. I know a woman who regularly gives talks about God and spirituality. At times when she was sick or tired, she'd say to God: "You're going to have to do this for me, because I don't have the energy to do a good job." God always came through. She found herself filled with power, and did a great job. It always happens that way, and many people have experienced the same thing.

You cannot fail when you resort to Higher Power. God will unerringly guide you to say or do exactly the right thing, at exactly the right time, right when someone needs it. That perfectly right word or gesture can make more difference to someone's life than a billion others. Such is the power of God, which is the power of rightness, appropriate responsiveness, relevance, attunement, at-one-ment. Such is the power you have when you plug into God.

Such is the connection between God and Power.