God is love, they say. And obviously, love is right. That means, since God is love, God is rightness.

And God is a huge help toward rightness. The still small voice -- the voice of God within -- gives unerring guidance. So if you want to be truly right, your best bet is to follow its promptings.

Attitudes of mortal shame cause us to want to hide from others and God. Wrongness makes us feel separate, ashamed. It makes us want to be alone, and stay that way. That's why people often say (or feel) things like this: "If you knew me, you wouldn't want me. I'm no good."

So you see, we need to be right to be close to anyone. If you're ashamed of yourself, you won't show up in relationship -- especially with the all-knowing, all-seeing God. Perhaps we fear He'll punish or condemn us. Or we feel especially unworthy of Him. So, people who consciously do wrong prefer not to come to God. You can plainly see:

Rightness supports relationship
to God, and wrongness excludes it.

Such is the connection between God and Rightness.