If you are a child of God -- and you are -- then you're of Divine nature. People who hate the fact that they're so feeling, so generous, so loving, are refusing to see and appreciate God in themselves, because those qualities are God's character in us.

We have Divine qualities; we are Godly. But most of us suffer from self-delusion, identifying with ego qualities. To believe that we are bad, egotistical, selfish, clueless, or small is a rejection of our Divine nature.

It is also a rejection of our Divinity to believe that we can be whole apart from God, or the rest of creation. Who we are is rooted in God, connected to the Whole, and sensitive and responsible to All.

We understand ourselves when we know that we are God, and that we depend on God. Otherwise, we have failed to grasp our reality.

Such is the connection between God and Self-knowledge.