People often pray, "God, make me an instrument of Your peace." We make that request because we know that, with God's help, we can be really good servants. Without a doubt, cooperating with God, having God's wind in our sails, moving as the Spirit moves -- those things make service really effective, wonderful, uplifting, beneficial, helpful, and relevant.

God will always help us serve, because God is always moved to serve. The Heart of God is naturally responsive to and moved by the needs of God's children, every moment. It is God's Heart in the mother who gets up at 3 AM to take care of her child, and who responds compassionately to each cry of her children. God always hears and responds to every cry. If you need something, He will be all over it -- like white on rice. God is the ultimate servant. And God's children? Like Parent, like child.

And one last thing: You've heard it said: "Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me." Whenever we serve, we serve God. Not only because God wants Her children served, but because God is the one being served. God is in everything; God is everything. Whenever we serve truly, we serve the One and the all -- all at once.

Such is the connection between God and Service.