The average person is very suppressed -- and very frustrated by their suppression. Particularly, many of us feel great sorrow and anxiety over the fact that our better aspects are the most heavily suppressed. For example, we would like to love more freely, give more deeply, and be more spontaneous.

Who we are is love, so when we're not loving, we feel bound, imprisoned, stuck. Thus, love and freedom are inseparable. Freedom is to love freely, spontaneously, and authentically; and in so doing, to break free of limitations, and be who you really are.

A sense of claustrophobia accompanies inhibition in love. Obviously, a hater feels stuck in a prison of hatred, but even if we don't hate, just failing to love sufficiently, we feel stuck and limited.

Love is big. Unlove is small. Love is free. Unlove is bound. Bound to fail. Bound to ruin, limitation, sorrow, and regret. In love, we're free from selfishness and smallness, and free to express who we really are. No one is truly free who does not love freely.

Such is the connection between Love and Freedom.