Love is powerful indeed. They say, and rightly, "Love heals all wounds." And you know, it takes power to heal all wounds. You sure can't heal all wounds with hate, mediocrity, or even medicine. In this sense, love is power.

Surely you know, too, that when we fail to love, we feel small, constricted, suppressed, and alienated from God and humanity -- anything but powerful. Hate (or unlove) is essentially powerless: it can't be extended effectively, because it's not expansive. So unlove dies in its own tears. In order to have a significant effect in life you have to live large, and be large. The only way to do that is by loving.

Not only are we larger when we love, but our circle of influence expands. In reality, much (if not most) of what people call personal power results from the loyalty and cooperation of others. Obviously people don't win hearts with hate or indifference. And they don't win loyalty with coercion or manipulation. (People may oblige us, but they'll resent it, and eventually we'll lose power over them). Love is what wins hearts, wins loyalty, wins cooperation.

Love is the most powerful and positively beneficial force in the universe. Have faith in life and love, love faithfully, and see!

Such is the connection between Love and Power