Love is The Greatest Service There Is.

Love heals all wounds. Love helps. Love blesses. Love uplifts. Love floats. Love furthers. Love understands. And there's more . . .

Love is a great motivator for service. We're moved to serve because we love -- we love the humanity, God, our friends, our intimate companion. Why else would we want to serve? Honestly, all lesser motivations are more self-serving than truly serviceful.

Love responds to the needs and desires of others. Love is always helpful, always trying to benefit the beloved. For example: you see a confused lady standing in the middle of a crosswalk; you're moved to help her across. That's a compassionate love response and a service, all in one. In fact, the most important forms of service we do aren't formal service -- like volunteering at a soup kitchen, etc.; they're spontaneous, loving responses to those around us.

Indeed, love is what makes service good and effective. As you know, service done out of insecurity, or some other aberrant psychology, burdens both giver and receiver. A man can toil long and hard for his family, but if he does it without adequate love, they'll be unhappy anyway. And likewise, a woman can prepare a healthy meal for her family, but if she does it as a routine event, without heartfelt love, they won't appreciate it half as much -- or be half as well nourished.

The same is true of any service rendered without love. Love is what makes service beautiful, and helpful.

And finally, it's not just that love inspires service -- the reverse is true as well: service inspires love. For example, if you took care of somebody for ten years in an old folks home, you'd get attached to them, and they'd get attached to you. How naturally love and service go together!

Such is the connection between Love and Service.