Love is meaningless without will and surrender. It takes will and surrender to make love succeed, to make love be good.

If you have no will to truly and deeply love, love is impossible, or at least, healthy intimacy is impossible. And if you have no will to surrender, you cannot give what love would have you give, or be what love needs you to be.

Love inspires surrender. Where there is no love, there is no surrender -- because love is the reason for surrender. Love begets surrender, love evokes surrender, inspires surrender, desires surrender. We respond to our beloved's calls; we give, we adjust our lives according to what's needed; we flow where love tells us to flow -- all for the sake of the beloved.

In fact, love requires surrender. Love is loveless without surrender. If you refuse to surrender, how can you claim to love? Love relationships are bound to be difficult -- if not impossible -- for those who won't surrender, who won't love freely and generously as the spirit moves, in a spirit of surrender.

So you see: there is no surrender without love, and love has no meaning without surrender.

Such is the connection between Love and Surrender & Will.