They say all life is connected, and what bonds everything together is love. God is love. God is the connective tissue of life, and God is the life that it connects.

God is found in loving relationship, in our loving connection to all things. Since God is love, the very impulse to love springs from God, and the connection itself is God. That's why, when people are in love, they can often feel Divine Presence.

"There was love all around,
but I never heard it singing . . .
'till there was you!"

But, as you know, ego-mind fears love and avoids relationship. Ego-mind believes happiness and security depend on disconnection and separation, while God-consciousness exists in true and positive relationship to all that is (and has no motivation to separate or pull away). As you know, a God-conscious person identifies with all that is: "I am my brother. I am my sister. I am all of life. I recognize myself in others."

Relationship means mutual recognition, mutual service, mutual devotion -- each for the other -- all in the context of love and unity (that is, God).

Such is the connection between Relationship and God.