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by David Truman

Can I tell you a secret? The Earth was intended to serve -- to yield easily and bountifully to the touch of human beings. It was intended that if a man said, "Flower," a plant would flower right then. The ordeal we call living -- an ordeal of working with a resistant physical plane, at great cost -- is not, in fact, "the way life is." Rather, it is the suppressive effect of man's unlove on physicality itself.

But what we have come to experience as the intractability, solidity, and resistance of the physical plane has a valid purpose: it makes humanity work hard for results. The Earth stiffened up when humanity became immoral -- it had to. The speed of change had to be slowed, because otherwise, the cost of man's aberrant creations would be much worse.

But what if a man loved What Is? Then before long, What Is would yield to his touch in a way that is unimaginable now. History contains evidence that this is true: for example, the near-miraculous achievements of ancient civilizations, where tremendous stones were cut with a precision nearly impossible to duplicate today. Only higher power -- the power of love -- could explain such cooperation between man and mineral!

Individuals, too, have been able to make bountiful the life around them. Certainly this was true of Jesus and his many miracles -- healing the sick, reviving the dead, multiplying food, etc. And with enough love, even a relatively ordinary person can operate these laws. American horticulturalist Luther Burbank talked cactuses out of making spines! Those plants were miracles of love. One can only begin to imagine what is possible in love with people.

Man hasn't a clue that he has such power and potential with love and creative will. He expects to use muscle, chemicals, force instead of love. This is the way of ego: ungiven, unloving, all around. But you see, Earth does not want to be muscled in wrong directions by a foolish humanity. Earth cannot be Herself in such hands. Just as a woman needs a good man to manifest her beautiful potential, Earth needs a good, loving mankind to be what She really could be.

If mankind would take true, moral responsibility for this world, the world itself would change significantly. First, planetary ills such as pollution and as global warming would be healed. Then deeper changes would occur. It would require less time to grow crops, less effort to build a home. The world would cooperate, instead of fighting everything.

That was the natural life of Jesus, of Luther Burbank. And it is the natural life of everyone who would live it. This is true environmentalism, which stands way beyond conventional notions of environmentalism. It is love, the love that moves mountains, as well as hearts. Love alone can reveal the secrets of Earth -- and discover life on Earth as God intended.