by David Truman

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Heaven blows like a mighty wind in our hearts and souls. It offers us a dynamic life, full of energy and inspiration; a life powered by Divine will, response, and understanding. Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to put up our sails and go with the Wind.

The answer to everything, and to life itself, is blowing in the Wind -- blowing with the Wind. But Heaven's Wind is useless if we don't flow with it. And Heaven knows:

'Tis a poor sailor who neglects to raise
his sails when the favorable wind blows.

Why row so hard and so long to create a full and happy life, or to become useful or spiritually mature, when the Divine Wind could take us there right now -- if we'd only surrender to It. We would be living the Life Divine now, if we would just drop all our strategies, our self-improvement plans, and go with the Wind instead.

To know that, friends, changes everything. We can unchain ourselves from the rock of our assumptions about how unready we are, how ready we need to be, and what ready means... and let Heaven blow, let Heaven flow.

Move when and how the spirit moves

Whenever you see real life, or real beauty, you are seeing the effects of the Wind. Like the rustling of leaves or the drifting of clouds, the most beautiful creations of humanity, the most inspired social movements, the sweetest smiles, the most loving gestures are all manifestations of the Divine Wind.

If you come to see life truly, you will see that this is truly what life is. Should you ever create real beauty or happiness, it is a Divine work; because it is when you allow the Divine Wind to move you that beautiful creation happens.

Go with the Wind as it would move you into action. As a surfer, you don't measure a wave before you ride it; just get on. The same is true with God's promptings. Don't analyze them, dwell on them, or think about them too much. Go with the Wind.

And don't worry about how to do it. Each Divine inspiration tells us not only what to do, but how -- the feeling to be delivered within the action. For example, when you are moved to say a loving word to someone, it is the feeling of that message, as much as the words, that will heal them. The things we feel inspired to do are simply ways of delivering God's love, care, and energy to the world. So go with true emotion in your motion -- the sentiment of God, the vibration of nectarian love, the breath of the God who is love.

No need to hoard Divine gifts

Life is much like the wind, in that it is not something one owns. The wind can't be contained. There's no such thing as wind in a box -- because the walls of the box will not let it blow. Divine knowing and inspiration are the same.

Knowledge is infinite, and free as the wind. The truth about everything is always available to you, in the air, and in the heart of God, in the depths of your soul.

True knowing is not like cash. You can't "get it," and then put it in the bank. It's not a bunch of concepts or ideas that you can memorize and collect. So it's missing the mark to think, "Ah ha! -- I've got it!" And: "Now that I have it, I'm ready." Spirituality is not something to collect, or to gain, but to live. Jesus and the Buddha didn't tow around a bunch of books; nor did they carry around a bunch of money, or anything else. They were aware that they were involved in Life, and that Life would take care of them.

God is more than happy to tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. In the Life Divine, one knows what is necessary to know, now and now and now; and then, mercifully, one moves on. So there is no need to try to accumulate and store knowledge.

We do not pick all the flowers in our garden, and try to keep them forever, so that we can always enjoy their beauty. That's because we know that soon they'd all die, and we'd be left with a basket full of dead flowers. Instead, we have faith that there will always be new flowers. God will always provide us with the love, the beauty, the wisdom, the understanding, the energy, and the inspiration we need for this moment. Trying to cling onto these things when they arise is like trying to keep a flower forever; all you end up with is dried up, dead concepts and memories.

The wise Live. They flow. They know that all the answers are blowing in the Wind; they trust the Wind, and flow with it.

You are the Wind

And you'll find that as you go with the Wind, the Wind becomes you. You come to know that the Divine Wind that blows in and through you is not alien, not other than yourself. You yourself are the Wind, the true Wind of God. Now you see what life is: life is living God -- living God's heart, God's inspiration, God's intention. You are God's heart, you see? You were born of God's loving inspiration. You are God's hand, extended to all your brothers and sisters. Sweet, is it not?

Don't bury your Self in self-work

Human beings can be stubborn. We could know the truth, but too often we choose to seek and learn instead. We could flow with God, but too often we choose to prepare, to work on ourselves first.

Putting your life and energy into self-improvement is like chaining a bird to a tree, or burying a kite under a ton of dirt. Without all that deadly self-focus heaped upon you, you would be living -- and you would be yourself.

People work hard on themselves as if, by gathering spiritual understandings, experiences, and character traits, they will eventually win the game of life. But that's not how it works. We are not masterworks in progress, on the way to being in charge of everything, and infinitely competent in ourselves. We are expressions of God's perfect intention and love. And as such, we are naturally perfect. So if we just set aside our efforts to craft ourselves, we will find that we already are everything we need to be.

We are vehicles through which God's will can be done. But we only function as we're meant to when we are plugged into God. When you buy a toaster, right off the shelf it's ready to make toast. It doesn't need to manufacture itself, it doesn't need to be meddled with in any way -- it just needs to be plugged in. Similarly, you were already made perfect, and when the Wind of the Spirit blows through you, who you are and what you have to offer comes out.

There's a method to the madness called you and I. Every one of us was masterfully created to do or to express what God gave us and gives us: wonderful gifts to be given, which can only be given when we are connected to God and ready to flow. So, let the Wind blow through you, let the Divine Power express as it would express. Just as you would make somebody some toast with your toaster, God would make somebody a beautiful gift of love with you. This is God's way, God's work.

Leave self-preparation behind

When your life is no longer your own to sculpt, to prepare, then you are truly living. Simply let go of all that self-work, self-focus, self-direction -- and trust the Wind.

When you are living, what do you care about preparing for life? You are already living, already being who you are. Preparing is the furthest thing from your mind. Why would you prepare?

When you're already on your honeymoon, would you go back home again to prepare for your honeymoon? What would be the point? That would be the refusal of life itself.

We remain dead as long as we are not led. We are dead in the water until we sail with the Wind. And we fail to live as long as we are not willing to live. So, if someone wants to spend a thousand years getting ready to flow, for that long, that person is dead. They are rehearsing death, crystallizing in death, and getting fascinated with the potentialities and progress that they can make within death. But there is no life in death, you see?

Life is blowing in the Wind. Life is forever dynamically alive, expressing. To be part of that is the completion of the ordinary human evolutionary struggle.

God is a fountain of everlasting life, which would flow through you in the form of endless love, inspiration, kindness, creativity, energy, and infinite understanding. The answer to all your questions is blowing in the Wind. The answer to your whole evolutionary struggle is blowing in the Wind.

So let this be the end of self-preparation, the end of wisdom collection. And let the dynamic Life Divine be your way of living. Go with the Wind, trust the Wind, and all will be well.

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