Question: When do I switch from one step to the next?

Answer: First and foremost, don't hurry. The Unification process reveals a natural metamorphosis of love -- in which love takes new and higher forms as the process unfolds. The form of your loving will shift when appropriate. It makes no sense to try to forcibly change it any sooner than that!

If you simply DO the Unification process at each step earnestly, the "results" that are described will NATURALLY manifest at some point. That will be your sign that the step you are on is fulfilled. Only THEN, proceed to reading about the next step before your next Unification session, and incorporate the new "what to do" items into your practice. Until then, be happy doing exactly what you are doing INDEFINITELY -- making no attempt to do anything else.

Above all, there's no need to worry! Remember, ALL you will do, in EVERY step, is LOVE.

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